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Older homes typically provide rooms smaller than we require today, particularly in the living areas. To resolve this problem, interior partition walls can be relocated or eliminated, rooms can be enlarged, and the entire flow of the home can be improved.

Replacing outdated systems, whether electrical, plumbing or HVAC, are often a major aspect of a renovation.  A whole house renovation provides the opportunity to replace these older systems with new, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems.  The new systems will be safer, provide more comfort, and save you money in the long run.  At the same time, you are contributing to a cleaner environment.

At Butler Builders, our renovations can preserve existing architectural details to the extent you want them preserved and match them in your remodel, or those details can be changed to your requirements.  Moldings, flooring, colors, cabinetry, hardware and anything else can be customized according to your wish list. This applies to both the interior and exterior of your home.  These changes can be as simple as replacing hardware, or as involved as relocating windows and changing the exterior siding or facing of your home. No detail is too small or too large when Butler Builders is your choice for a custom home remodel.

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