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Building a new custom residence has significant advantages that simply do not exist when you purchase an existing home, even when you undertake a substantial home remodel.  From the ground up, this is your concept come to life, and there is no substitute for being able to determine every detail in the planning and construction process.

Older homes typically provide rooms smaller than we require today, particularly in the living areas.  To resolve this problem, a renovation can be done. Interior walls can be relocated or eliminated, rooms can be enlarged, and the entire flow of the home can be improved. We believe that anything is possible, and we are dedicated to remodels which truly create a transformation that provides you and your family with a home that matches your wishes in every respect.

Matching the style and details of an existing home when building an addition can be challenging. It is essential that your builder has both the construction skills and aesthetic sense when adding on to an existing house, and Butler Builders has just that.  An addition has to be right from the very foundation: from matching floor and window elevations to getting the right roof pitch that is consistent with the rest of the house. We know what it takes to make a home addition look and feel as though it were always there. We work diligently to make sure that the final outcome is not only aesthetically pleasing but will bring added value to your home.

A historic renovation involves changes, including restorations, repairs, upgrades and additions to the interior or exterior of an older residence, usually built prior to 1940.  When properly completed, the renovations will match the architectural style and building type of the original structure, using materials authentic in style to the residence and the geographic area.  We pay particular attention to period trim detail and period coloring, and the final product should respect the essential historic character of the residence and the neighborhood.

For so many people, kitchens have become the new living room. It's where families congregate- great food, gathering around the table for the family meal or sitting at the bar for a quick breakfast before dashing out to work and school. The kitchens of old are often cramped and have that 'awkward corner' or that 'tight squeeze' spot. Butler Builders has seen these kitchens time and again. We often wonder how architects or designers got away with such poor planning. We are dedicated to creating beautiful & functional kitchens that you and your family will enjoy cooking, eating and gathering in for years to come.

Bathrooms have drastically changed in the last 30 years. You may be one of the proud owners of one of those mustard yellow tiled bathrooms or you may have a shower that you can’t even wash your hair in without hitting both your elbows on each shower wall. In most cases, these bathrooms are so small you might think there’s no hope for the space at all. At Butler Builders, we have experience with bathrooms just like yours and sometimes it requires thinking outside that small box. Yes, it is a small project for us, nevertheless, we understand that its a big project for you and we are devoted to giving you and your bathroom the attention that is needed to see it through, start to finish.

Those that love being outdoors, we know that you can have the most beautiful house, but without a yard or that “outdoor space” to compliment it, it can can seem uninviting or even unattractive. Though we don’t do landscaping in itself, we do design and build outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, patios and outbuildings and work with our landscape partners to make that space a haven and a retreat that enhances the beauty of your home.

You may may think to yourself, “I don’t need to remodel, I just need my stairs replaced” or “If I just had new windows my house would be like new.” Butler Builders can handle those types of projects that may be too big for your handyman or too specialized for a track home builder. We have the knowledge and skill to take that unique project and turn it into something your family will benefit from and enjoy for years to come.  

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